Can you imagine what it would be like to cycle on the Moon?


You’ll find tracks where it’s hard to recognize what planet you’re on, and your curiosity will push you to keep pedalling on and exploring the island

The roads of Lanzarote have always been very attractive to triathletes looking to train on an island with a good climate that allows them to ride their bicycles regularly, but in recent years, more and more lovers of mountain biking are discovering the huge possibilities a volcanic island offers for enjoying their bikes.

Cycling in an environment in which vineyards emerge from large craters in the earth, with favourable weather conditions throughout the year and which offers spectacular sea views on most routes… these are more than enough reasons to want to practice your favourite sport in Lanzarote.

Discover the true essence of the island of volcanoes along trails, tracks and paths of lava, lapilli or jable sand that will put you to the test

The island has seen the discipline of mountain biking undergoing significant growth in recent years on the island, mainly because of the unique stage it offers for training and sports events, in an environment surrounded by landscapes of a singular beauty, which wins hearts at every turn of the wheel. You will discover the feeling that we usually call the Lanzarote Effect, and we are sure that the island will not leave you unmoved.

In addition to pedalling among volcanoes, crossing a National Park like Timanfaya, climbing to the Mirador del Rio or visiting the vineyards of La Geria, you can add another new experience to your trip, by exploring the island of La Graciosa along its white sandy tracks, while enjoying its wonderful beaches bathed by crystal clear water.

Don’t worry if you haven’t brought your bike with you, because you’ll find plenty of bike shops where you can hire the perfect companion for your excursion. If you like a challenge, you can also sign up for one of the events on our Lanzarote ESD sports calendar, which will allow you to test yourself on circuits designed to give you the feeling of pedalling on the Moon:

4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote

This event offers 4 days of challenges for amateurs and professionals along sand, lava and dirt tracks that will take you across the north of the island. Ninety per cent of the race is off-road. If you are curious and want to know more about this event, click on the following link: Club La Santa

Ultra Bike Lanzarote

A two-day stage race that will take you to visit two islands: La Graciosa and Lanzarote, this takes place in a unique natural space. Find out more about this event at the following website: Club Santa Rosa

Why not download our mountain bike route map and organize your next holiday at Lanzarote European Sports Destination?

If you are passionate about sport, want to practice it as well as relaxing under the sun, Lanzarote is the sports destination for you at any time of the year.