The island offers many spectacular routes for bicycle lovers to eat up the miles through landscapes that seem drawn from another world.

Now that you have time to plan all those activities that you’ll do when we can all return to our longed-for routine, we are sharing five essential routes for mountain bike lovers to enjoy the most unique corners of Lanzarote’s geography.

ROUTE 1: ” Discovering the eastern coast of Lanzarote

The route starts from Costa Teguise in the direction of Los Ancones, and from there it heads over to Los Cocoteros, crossing Charco del Palo, Mala, Arrieta and Punta Mujeres. From here, it starts the ascent to Máguez before going on to Guinate.

It continues through the Barranco de Guinate (Guinate Ravine) to El Gallo, before dropping down again to Máguez, passing through Tabayesco and continuing through the upper part of Mala and Guatiza until it reaches the arches, and then down again to Costa Teguise.

Total Km: 69 Km. % Asphalt: 18.8% (12.9 Km)


ROUTE 2: ” Tour of the Valley of a Thousand Palms”

This route begins in the vicinity of Haría. It goes to the centre of the village before heading to the Barranco de Haría (Haría Ravine) and then up to the sanctuary of the Ermita de Las Nieves.

From there, it heads towards El Mojón to continue descending towards Costa Teguise linking up with Route 1 at Km 60.

Total Km: 25 Km. % Asphalt: 26% (6.5 Km)


ROUTE 3: ” A look at the volcanic interior of the island”

This route starts at the Monumento al Campesino (Monument to the Farmer) and from there it goes to La Florida, from where it crosses a volcanic area that leads to the surroundings of Tinguatón.

It continues to the area of Tenesar and then enters Tinajo. It then heads towards Mancha Blanca, passes through La Vegueta and from there towards Mozaga to end up again at the Monumento al Campesino.

Total Km: 32.1 Km. % Asphalt: 60 % (19.3 Km)


ROUTE 4: ” Pedalling through the scent of Malvasia”

This route begins in Puerto del Carmen and connects at the top with the Barranco del Quíquere (Quíquere Ravine). From there it continues towards Mácher, crosses the entire Mácher valley towards Yaiza’s high school before continuing on to Uga.

From Uga it crosses the areas of La Geria and connects with La Asomada and then passes through Tegoyo and Conil.  It continues through the upper part of La Candelaria and Güime before descending again towards Puerto del Carmen.

Total Km: 36.6 Km. % Asphalt: 23.2% (8.5 Km)


ROUTE 5: ” Go deep into the volcanic massifs of the south”

The route starts in Playa Blanca and crosses Los Ajaches until reaching Playa Quemada. From there it continues in the direction of Uga, but before reaching Uga it passes by Las Casitas de Femés.

It continues to Yaiza, passing through Las Breñas and from there heads towards Playa Blanca to finish the route.

Total Km: 43.5 Km. % Asphalt: 19.7% (8.6 Km)


We hope that these suggestions have aroused your curiosity and that soon you can enjoy the magic of discovering villages, beaches and hidden corners, at your preferred pace on your own two wheels.

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