5th Quemao Class, the tamers of the beast


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Aritz Aranburu and Amaury Lavernhe were crowned champions of the 5th Quemao Class.

Nobody said it was easy, and the conditions were so epic, that the imposing and unique wave of the Quemao was impressive, sumptuous, big, overwhelming …

A challenge within the reach of a few brave.




The gladiators of the sea who meet in the Quemao Class, know what they come for, come for everyone. And the show ?, assured. Those present, held hands to the head every time one of those athletes came down at dizziness from the great peak of the Quemao.

A historical show and 2 champions


A historical show and that nobody wanted to miss. The atmosphere in the small fishing village of La Santa was incredible: children, adults, entire families, astonished tourists, restless pets … all with their senses set in the sea.



The 5th Quemao Class resulted in 2 intense days of adrenaline, where stretch after stretch, athletes clenched teeth and increased the level of their feats, getting waves of 10.

Finally Aritz Aranburu and Amaury Lavernhe took the deserved victory.



  1. Aritz Aranburu
  2. Gearoid McDaid
  3. Adrien Toyon
  4. Natxo González


  1. Amaury Lavernhe
  2. Aitor Ojeda
  3. Alex Uranga
  4. Pierre Louis Costes

Although we must recognize that seen from the shore all deserve a great ovation by brave.