Lanzarote offers a luxury box for CrossFit lovers


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Carmen Cabañas discusses the evolution of this sport on the island and shares an outdoor WOD with us.

In this post we will be discussing CrossFit, a sport that first came to the island in a professional capacity in 2012, following the launch of CrossFit Lanzarote. Carmen Cabañas and Óliver Hernández were two young entrepreneurs who undertook a sporting and business venture that has already become highly successful. To find out more about the response CrossFit met with on the island and its relationship with sports tourism in recent years, we met with Carmen Cabañas on Playa del Reducto, which hosts one of Europe’s top CrossFit events.

CrossFit evolved rapidly on the island following the opening of CrossFit Lanzarote, meeting with a response that exceeded the expectations of its founders. Cabañas recalls how they “opened in a centre that was just 20 m2, but a few months later we had to make the jump to a much bigger area because there was no space to accommodate the large number of people who wanted to practice CrossFit at the centre”. It was not only local athletes training there, but also many visitors to the island, who choose to go to CrossFit Lanzarote during their stay so as not to break their training routines.

The weather conditions on the island allow this sport to take place outside. This fact led to the creation of what has become one of Europe’s most important CrossFit events for both participants and fans. Carmen told us that both she and Óliver are “in love with the beach as well as with CrossFit”. One day they decided to unite both concepts, giving rise to the Lanzarote Summer Challenge, a competition that is held every year in Playa del Reducto (Arrecife), bringing together hundreds of participants and fans from all around the world.

In recent years, several Lanzarote CrossFitters have achieved good results in international competitions, demonstrating the excellent work being done at these facilities. “Bryan Hernández is our best athlete, but several of our athletes have already achieved good results in national and European events”, says the co-owner of CrossFit Lanzarote.

To finish off, Carmen has drawn up a short outdoor training session suitable for all those wanting to take their first steps in this sport, as well as for anyone who wants to keep fit during their holidays on the island:

Warm up:

x4 rounds (repeat four times)

200 m running

15 lunges


10 push-ups



AMRAP 15’ (as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes)

5 burpees


10 squats


15 sit-ups